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Upon purchase you will receive an email with a link for immediate access to your
templates. If you have not received an email within 10 minutes, check our Junk or
Spam folder or do a search in your email for ‘Remembered Fondly’. You may consider
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How do Remembered Fondly templates work?

Crop marks are necessary if the paper being printed on is larger than the artwork
itself. If the artwork is being sent to a professional printer, include crop marks as they
always use larger (parent) sheets to print on. For at home printing, you should use
crop marks for all printable items except the programmes which can be printed on
the output paper size.

You can print any of our items using your home printer on sheets larger than the
artwork with crop marks and trim them down, however, please note, you will require a
large format printer that can accept 17x11” (or B2) paper as the large programmes
are those sheet sizes folded in half.Can I print the printable items at home?

If printing programmes or large quantities we highly recommend sending your items
to a professional printer. The print quality, paper quality, quicker production and less
hassle are all bene ts of using a professional printing service. Something else to keep
in mind is that programmes more than 4-pages (paper printed on both sides and
folded) will need to be correctly ordered so they read well when stapled together and
this can become a complex task for those not familiar with the printing process.
Single face products (ie: bookmarks, timelines) are much easier to print but some
products still require cutting down to size afterward which can be time consuming
depending on the quantity.

Products should be printed on larger paper than the artwork and trimmed down
afterward. Our template editing platform will allow you to choose the size paper youhave and automatically if the amount of items on the page if you choose to print
multiple per page. Each large programme requires 17x11” (or A3) paper as the large
programmes are those sheet sizes folded in half with 17x11” sheets folding down to
8.5x11 and B2 programmes folding down to A4. Each small programme is 11x8.5” or
A4 paper folded in half to 5.5x8.5” or A5, respectively.

Each template purchased comes with editing instructions. Those instructions can
also be view ahead of purchase when using the product demo.

Our current payment gateway is PayPal. You may use your account balance or pay
using any major credit or debit card through the PayPal link at checkout.

Currently, templates from the Remembered Fondly shop list are single use only with a
maximum of 5 downloads per design purchased and links expire after 14 days. We
are working on Commercial Licenses Bundles for funeral homes and parlours that
give access to more templates at a longer time period. We anticipate having those
ready by late Fall 2022. Until then, please feel free to use or point your clients to our
individual templates.