About Us

At Remembered Fondly, we believe that designs for funeral and memorial services should be treated with the same care and respect given to any other momentous event.

After searching far and wide for elegant, professional designs, that search turned up empty. Everything we saw looked so generic and mediocre. The thought that others would be seeking the same thing and seeing what was offered as a last memory for our loved ones was heartbreaking. 

That's when we decided to put our creativity to work to offer templates that are worthy of commemorating the passing of a loved one. These templates are easy to edit without the worry of losing the formatting and a professionally designed look. We've done all of that with you in mind.

So now, we have beautifully designed, easy-to-use templates from announcements, to programmes and keepsakes including bookmarks and welcome signs, all available in our store.

Now, you're in control. When you complete and download your design you can print as many or as little as you need. Print them yourself or send them to a professional print shop to ease the process.

During the death of a loved one, planning can be overwhelming. At Remembered Fondly we want to help alleviate that burden with our templates. It's our pleasure to help make this process as stress free as possible and we endeavour to do anything we can to help you through these difficult times.


At Remembered Fondly, we deeply care about people and the grief they often experience after losing a loved one.

That’s why we decided to partner with caring and compassionate Grief Coach, Rhonda Cornwall. She is the founder of Hope’s Dwelling, a life, grief and crisis coaching business which she started in 2018 following the loss of her father.

Rhonda is a certified 'From Grief to Gratitude' Grief Coach, a Grief Recovery Method Specialist, who holds a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling from Liberty University.

Rhonda has experience in the areas of trauma, grief, life and career skills. She specialises in helping women overcome grief and loss. Rhonda is dedicated to providing support to those going through difficult times in their lives and especially finds fulfilment in helping women overcome such difficulties. She currently resides in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands and offers coaching worldwide through online formats.

To work with Rhonda or find out more click > hopesdwelling.com